Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Figuring out what to do

Here I am again, alone at our house. I am this fresh grad who unfortunately declined a job offer. So now, here I am living the life in the slow lane. I may say slow lane because life here is slow. Staring at anything what is on the web looking for fun. hehe

I know what you think. I'm a bum! haha.. who cares anyway. I love life like this. Not totally a typical bum that you think. No work, couch potato surfing cable tv and eating a lot. Fun right?haha

So on this day I officially launch my daily updates about anything that runs on my mind. I will stay anonymous about what I really do but you will figure it out along the way.hehe

Life is short. Take it slow. Smokealot! peacE.hehehe

I do look for income opportunities on the web for almost a year now since I've graduated at a prestigious school here in Davao. They say if you graduate there it'll be easy for you to find a job. NOT! Still, many student are pending unemployed. I have my own stories on job hunting and job interviews, I tell you, its more of like hell.

So for now, as a noob or starter at blogging (Diary or I may say "Journal") I will record my daily activities and updates about the world. I will work on writing lyrics for the sake or enjoyment of others on talking--rhyming fast (RAP) hehehe

See yah!

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